Alcosan's $3 billion Settlement:
Issues and Cost to You
What You Can Do
Give a copy of this site's Public Comments Document (October 17, 2012) to your local elected official that is on Alcosan's Customer Municipality Advisory Committee (CMAC), preferably by a personal visit. If your local municipality is not represented, pick the closest municipality that has a CMAC member!
If you have found this site to be useful, handout cards with directions to website.  Officemax can print and cut five sheets (50 cards) for about $10. Feel free to sign the cards if you would like.  Tell your friends / co-workers about this site.
Post website location in your local municipality office bulletin board, etc.
You should check to see if you need to sign it as a resident to keep it up.
Read what ALCOSAN and your neighbors have said at various local public meetings. Discuss your concerns with your friends, neighbors, and even local officials.
Attend one of the ALCOSAN or related local meetings and ask questions. Click to see the dates and times of local public meetings. Discuss the issues with your friends and neighbors and attend with someone. Talk to your local municipal officials.
Go to a Spreadsheet to see the Social Security impact calculations  ...and... to see two alternate fee calculations:
    annual $250 county-wide automobile registration 
    an impervious area tax on commercial and industrial property
[not on residential or apartments] only in combined sewer areas
that could help defer part of the cost impact to homeowners and renters.
Look at one page summary of Allegheny County projection of increased homeowner costs due to ALCOSAN $3 Billion Consent Decree. Make copies for your friends or as a handout. If you are really ambitious you can read the actual study and even download the special spreadsheet tool and make your own estimates. More comments about the Allegheny County homeowner cost study or the special spreadsheet tool can be found at the bottom of the Links page at this site. Tell your friends / co-workers about the Allegheny County projection of increased homeowner costs.
Download this CMAC member list as a PDF                   (70K)
Equally useful,  give a copy of this site's Public Comments Document (October 17, 2012) to your local municipality's engineer, preferably in person. Look here to find his name.
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