October 3, 2007:

The Allegheny County Sanitary Authority (ALCOSAN) hosted a series of meetings to inform the public about the EPA Consent Decree regarding sewer overflows. The meetings were held during the day and evening in the South, North, and East areas as well as downtown. No reservations were required.

The schedule was: North - Holiday Inn McKnight Road on October 8 at 7 p.m. and October 10 at 10 a.m.;
                               South/West area -Holiday Inn Greentree, October 10 at 7 p.m. and October 11 at 10 a.m.;
                               East - Holiday Inn Parkway East, October 11 at 7 p.m. and October 12 at 10 a.m.;
                               and Downtown at the David L. Lawrence Convention Center on October 16 at 10 a.m.

"The meetings are intended to give citizens an opportunity to learn more about the largest public works project ever in Allegheny County," said ALCOSAN Executive Director Arletta Scott Williams. "These unfunded federal mandates will have an impact on future rates," she said.

"At the meeting, citizens will learn their role in improving water quality as well as the impact of sewer overflows on public health, the environment and economy. The meeting schedule, along with information about the consent decree and sewer overflows can be found at www.alcosan.org or by calling (412) 734-8733."
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October 24 to November 15, 2011:

ALCOSAN will have Town Hall meetings at various locations throughout the region. Most are during the day, but some are in the evening. According to ALCOSAN: "These Town Hall meetings will provide updates on proposed controls for sewer overflows, including what is being considered in and around your community to address public health and the environment.  Cost impacts will be outlined." [emphasis added] 

To date and since the first Town Halls in 2007, for the past four years ALCOSAN has refused to discuss or report cost impacts from their $3 Billion Consent Decree on their customers including homeowners. This is despite intense questioning from previous Town Hall Meeting attendees!
For Added Information or for Future Meetings you can check the ALCOSAN's Calendar Page shown below . . .
September 5 to October 19, 2012:

ALCOSAN held Wet Weather Plan Public Comment "hearings" at various locations throughout the region. According to their site: "ALCOSAN is hosting a series of public meetings to present an overview of the draft Wet Weather Plan and provide an opportunity for public comments regarding the Plan and its cost."

At this point, it appears unlikely that there will be further public comment meetings before the $3 billion Wet Weather Alcosan plan will be implemented. At this point, you might wish to monitor the Alcosan calendar below to see if this future situation changes.

This site's author provided extensive written testimony and graphic material at the Sheraton October 17 meeting that is worth reading.
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